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XAUBOT Pro: Fine-Tuning Line Styles for Clearer News Event Visualization


There are many factors that play a role in the outcome of forex trading  by EA such as XAUBOT Pro and whether your trades are successful or not. These factors include price analysis and technical analysis, the trading pair that you choose, even your trading deposit and capital. Another factor that is just as important, if not more important, is fundamental analysis. 

As you know fundamental analysis is the impact of large scale economic factors on the forex market. But a lot of traders have difficulty with taking fundamental analysis into account in their trading process. 

The elegant solution that XauBot Pro has provided to combat this issue can be seen through its display lines parameter. With the help of this feature, traders can get a visual representation of the news events in the forex market in the form of a line right on the chart. In this article we will take a closer look at XauBot Pro’s fundamental analysis aspects and the display lines for news and even visualization. 


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XauBot Pro: a Closer Look 

To understand line styles and how they can help you visualize fundamental analysis right on the trading chart, perhaps it would be better to take a look at XauBot Pro itself and what it has to offer to users. 

The XauBot platform has different products in the form of different configurations of its expert advisor for automated trading in the forex market. Each product has its own capabilities and is designed to meet the demands and requirements of different groups of users. But XauBot Pro is the ultimate product offered by this platform. 

Being the ultimate product means that this version of XauBot has everything this platform has to offer. These include the main trading approaches that are utilized by XauBot, which are the scalp trading method and also the multi level trading approach. 

As you know with the help of the scalp trading method you can capitalize on small market movements and reap the benefits of even the slightest price changes. On the other hand, the multi level trading approach can be used as a reliable and dependable method of trading in the forex market that can yield you the results you need. 

Aside from these two main approaches to trading in the forex market, there are AI based tools integrated into XauBot Pro that make it such an ultimate version as it is. There are basically four artificial intelligence tools as follows: 

  • AI technical analysis tools: with the help of such tools you can have access to technical analysis like no other trading tool. Such tools include the APEX indicators as well as an arsenal of momentum indicators that can be used to understand price patterns in the forex market. 
  • AI money management tools: these tools will help you manage your money and your assets in the best way in the forex market. This way you will know exactly how to trade and how much capital you need in order to achieve your trading goals. Furthermore, it will help you protect your assets in the best way possible. 
  • AI Telegram signals: these tools are quite useful and practical. With the help of these tools and features you will be able to receive direct messages in your own Telegram account about various aspects of the market. For instance, you can receive messages about different technical indicators such as the RSI or the Bollinger bands, as well as signals for prices. 
  • AI fundamental analysis tools: last but definitely not least, there are the tools related to fundamental analysis. These tools will help you take news events and their impact on the forex market into account also in an automated and intelligent manner. We will focus further on these features in the following parts. 


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How Does XauBot Pro Handle Fundamental Analysis? 

So let’s take a closer look at how XauBot Pro handles fundamental analysis altogether. The macro approach that this version of the expert advisor has to fundamental analysis can be seen in its news filter parameters. There are two main news filters integrated into XauBot Pro. 

One of them is for medium news and the other is for high impact news. As the names suggest, the first one is for those news events that have a medium impact on the market and the second one for the class of news with a much heavier punch, so to speak. 

Furthermore, each of these parameters are divided into before and after the release of news, where you can instruct the expert advisor to refrain from trading before and after these news events are out. 

Last but not least, there are display lines that can be used to visualize news events. We will discuss that more in detail in the next section. 


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What Can News Lines Do for You? 

Last but definitely not least, there are the display lines that are also part of the fundamental approach of XauBot Pro. So what do these lines do exactly? 

With the help of these lines you can put the news events right on your chart along with all the other lines and bars that show you price changes. This way news factors are always right in front of your sight and you will never lose track of them. 

This is what display lines can do for you. The best and most unique way to visualize news in the forex market. 

But there is more. 

You can actually fine tune these liens to bring them as close to your own preferences as possible. There are options to adjust these lines with respect to their size and even their color. This way not only do you have news right on the chart in the form of lines, you can even adjust and customize them. 


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 XauBot Pro is the ultimate version of XauBot with all the capabilities that this platform has to offer. Some of the capabilities are related to fundamental analysis and its related tools. One of these parameters are the news lines that can be implemented right on the chart. You can even fine tune and adjust the size and color of these lines. 

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