XAUBOT is an Expert Advisor compatible with all forex trading pairs. It allows trading across multiple pairs simultaneously and can handle any pair you choose. For GOLD trading, XAUBOT AI is suitable for accounts with a balance exceeding $10,000. If you prefer to focus only trade on XAUUSD, you can choose for our specialized Golden XAUBOT.

  • Recommended currency pairs: AUDNZD, AUDCAD, NZDCAD, GBPNZD
  • Suitable for XAUUSD exceeding $10,000
  • Customized set file for GOLD
  • Live update account on MyFxBook
  • Expected profit of 2% to 5%
  • Drawdown limit according to your requirements
  • 15-day no questions asked refund policy

What's Included in
XAUBOT AI Version?

Multi-Level Strategy EA

This automated trading bot empowers you to trade multiple currency pairs and GOLD with ease. Customize your trading settings, such as stop loss (SL), take profit (TP), and drawdown limit (DD), and benefit from advanced features like news filtering and risk management. Whether you're an experienced trader or new to trading, this strategy is your path to success.

This is the optimal choice for Proprietary Trading (Prop Trading). Simply adjust the input parameters according to the consistency rules in your Prop Firm Challenge and lets the bot decide and trade by itself.

Multi Level Strategy Features:

  • Compatible with ALL currencies and GOLD
  • Customize settings such as preferred levels, stop loss, take profit, and drawdown limit
  • News filter actions
  • Risk and money management techniques
  • Compatible with the Prop-Firm challenges
  • Custom set files for Prop-Firm and funded accounts

Scalp Strategy EA

This automated trading bot empowers you to take advantage of short-term trading opportunities with this high-performance bot.

Designed for quick trades, especially during low volatility periods, this bot lets you set precise stop loss and take profit levels, ensuring you maximize your gains while minimizing risk.

This strategy is suitable for traders who prefer more aggressive trading in shorter time frames, especially during nighttime hours.

Scalp Strategy Features:

  • Trade multiple currencies with a single level
  • Ideal for swift trades with determined stop loss and take profit
  • News filter actions
  • Set a maximum daily loss and daily drawdown
  • Set a specific time limit for trading activities
  • Money management techniques

What’s Our Difference?

You will notice the difference between us and other bots only by checking our verified accounts on reliable websites (like Myfxbook and FXBLUE). Low drawdown and reasonable profit is the main difference between us and other competitors. Also, Adak team has designed one of the best investing EAs in the market by examining different strategies and using machine learning.

Our features

  • Ability to analyze technical and fundamental news
  • News Filter
  • Money Management
  • Risk Management
  • Expected monthly profit 2% – 5%
  • Limited Drawdown
  • Observer Trader

What are the requirements to use this EA?

  1. Metatrader4 demo or live account
  2. Minimum 600 USD (higher DD% is expected) or recommended 1000USD with below limited drawdown.


Recommended settings

  • Run it on 4 currency pairs
  • Select 15M time frame on your MT4 for Multi level strategy
  • Ensure the Auto trading option on your mt4 is on
  • For the best performance you need to keep the EA always online by using a VPS (online computer host) or having your PC always online
  • Recommended Leverage is Above 1:200

How to Install XAUBOT?

Daily Live Result

In order to give you confidence, we have used several different platforms to show live trades, you can follow all the trades of the EA on myfxbook as Live account.

Please Note: The Livestream is delayed by 30 minutes to ensure XAUBOT’s trades are not copied or misused.


Verified results ($100K):