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Power of Display Lines for News in forex Analysis in XAUBOT Pro


When it comes to market analysis, we are faced with a complex web of factors and aspects that ought to be taken into consideration by XAUBOT Pro. But which ones are important in forex? Only price movements? The patterns that are derived from past price actions? While all of these might be extremely significant and salient, there are other factors that are just as important. 

These so-called “other” factors are the external stimuli that can impact the market. Yes, indeed we are talking about fundamental analysis. While fundamentals are and can be important in any financial market, they can play a seriously important role in the foreign exchange market. 

In this article we will take a closer look at the importance and significance of fundamental analysis in the forex market and we will see how XauBot Pro has fine-tuned its fundamental aspect through many different parameters including the display lines for news on the trading chart. 


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How Important Is Fundamental Analysis in the Forex Market? 

The main focus of this article is going to be the visual and graphical aspects of XauBot Pro in providing users with elements that pertain to fundamental analysis in the form of different lines and visual aspects on the trading chart. And of course we are going to see just how helpful and beneficial that can be to your trading process. However, first it is imperative that we go through the underlying notion of fundamental analysis in the forex market and how it really pertains to your trading experience. 

You see, what lies at the heart of fundamental analysis is the economy itself. While in the case of technical analysis, traders try to look at the changes that occur in prices right there in front of them, in fundamental analysis we increase the scope of analysis much more to include the entire economy and sometimes even the global economy itself entirely. In other words, while the scope of analysis in technical analysis can be considered as micro and pertaining to each market, in fundamental analysis we are dealing with macroeconomics and factors that are not just about one particular market but rather the whole economy. 

What this means is that in fundamental analysis we try to go through economic indicators and gauge their relevance and influence on the market. But there is another point that becomes important here and that has to do with each specific market in specific. This means each market is affected by certain economic indicators more than others. 

In the case of the foreign exchange market, there are also some economic indicators and factors that are more important in that they have a heavier influence on the market compared to others. These factors include economic data such as interest rates, inflation, GDP, and others. 

The reason these factors influence the forex market more than others has to do with the particular influence they have on the value of currencies. 

Consider interest rates for example. In so far as foreign currencies are concerned, interest rates are among those factors that quite heavily impact their value. But why? When any given central bank, such as the US Federal Reserve, announces changes in their national interest rates, it directly impacts the mechanism of loaning and lending money between the central bank, commercial banks, and the bank clients. Thus the slightest change in the value of the national interest rate will impact this whole process. 

Other indicators impact the value of currency in similar and other ways as well. But how does this help you as a trader? Well, knowing this information and having a degree of control over fundamental analysis as well as technical analysis will help you stay away from unnecessary and potentially damaging price volatility. 

But the fact of the matter is that keeping various economic indicators in mind can be quite a daunting task. But for every problem there is a solution. The solution here is the fundamental analysis aspect that has been integrated into XauBot Pro. 


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How Can Display Lines for News in XauBot Pro Help You in Trading? 

So as mentioned in the last section, XauBot Pro can help you handle fundamental analysis in the best and easiest way possible. While there are so many features and aspects of this intelligent trading tool, there is one particular aspect that we want to elaborate on now. 

This aspect has to do with displaying lines right on the trading chart that pertain to news events. As you can surmise, with the help of these lines you can easily and accessible be informed about news events that are relevant and important to the forex market at all times. This is one of the challenges that traders face in their attempts to gauge in fundamental analysis. It is simply difficult to keep track of all the news events that are worthy in the forex market. 

But with display lines for news, you will never miss an important news event that can be influential in the outcome of your trading process. 

Furthermore, there are also options for you to customize and personalize these news lines in order to bring them as close to your personal preferences as possible. As such you can adjust their color and their size. 

Though keep in mind that such visual features are only a small portion of the features that have been integrated into this expert advisor to meet all the needs related to fundamental analysis. 


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As a forex trader, you need to understand the true value and importance of fundamental analysis and also how it is possible to carry out such a feat perfectly. That is why in this article we discussed the relevance of fundamental and economic indicators to the forex market. We also saw how XauBot Pro has so many features that can help you in this regard, specifically the feature that provides you with visual and graphical tools to track news events as lines on your trading chart. 

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