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Mini XAUBOT controls over potential losses 

The automated trading platform Mini XauBot has many different products that are different configurations of its expert advisor that facilitates the process of automation for forex trading. These different products are designed to meet the needs and requirements of users. 

One of these configurations can be seen in the Mini XauBot. The Mini XauBot, as the name clearly suggests, is the lite or compact version of this expert advisor. There are different manifestations of this so-called mini. But perhaps the most salient feature of the Mini XauBot is the size of the positions with which it is compatible. 

With the Mini XauBot, you can begin automated trading with such small balances. In this article we are going to take a look at what this expert advisor really is, how it is able to control potential losses in the market, and last but not least, what some of the biggest advantages of trading with balances are in the foreign exchange market. 

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What Is the Mini XauBot? 

The Mini XauBot is the lite version of the automated trading solution offered by the XauBot platform. The biggest advantage of these products, compared with other products offered by the XauBot platform, is the minimum and maximum amount of deposit that is required to run this expert advisor. 

While in other versions of XauBot, such as the Golden XauBot, we see deposit requirements that have a minimum threshold of 10,000 dollars, with the Mini XauBot the story is completely different. 

In fact, with the Mini XauBot, the minimum amount of account deposit is 100 dollars and the maximum threshold for this parameter is 400 dollars. The fact of the matter is that because it is the so-called Mini version, the Mini XauBot does not even work with account balances and deposits that exceed 500 dollars. 

This is what will allow micro investors to be able to enter the forex market. In fact, with the help of the Mini XauBot, not only the micro traders and investors are able to enter the foreign exchange market, they will be able to do so with the help of automation. 

This means the access to forex trading is not merely done in the conventional manner. It is, however, carried out in full automation with the help of the automation foundations of the XauBot expert advisor. 

Unlike other products such as the XauBot Pro which are compatible with all the trading pairs in the forex market, the Mini XauBot is only compatible with a select few trading pairs, which are as follows, AUDNZD, AUDCAD, GBPNZD, NZDCAD. 

But make no mistake. Just because the number of trading pairs that are compatible with the Mini XauBot are lower than other products of the same platform, it does not mean that it is still capable of delivering an impressive level of profitability similar to that of the XauBot.. 

Even by trading the select few number of trading pairs, the Mini XauBot is able to provide users with an expected monthly profit that ranges between 5 percent to 10 percent, which is actually higher than some of the other products offered by the same platform. 

So it doesn’t matter if you only have a couple of hundreds of dollars at your disposal, you can still engage in forex trading. And you might think engaging in the market with such little amounts can be dangerous and risky. 

But because you are delegating the task of trading to an intelligent and AI based trading tool, you are basically guaranteed that you will not lose even your little amount and that you will profit and profits will accrue to build up your capital. 

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How Does the Mini XauBot Control Potential Losses? 

An important factor that comes into play when you are dealing with such small amounts in any financial market is risk management. Precisely because the amount of trading or investment capital is so little, it is that much easier to lose all of it. 

This is why risk management becomes an important manifold with such amounts in trading. 

So let’s take a look at how the Mini XauBot is able to control potential losses in automated forex trading. 

There are many features integrated into the Mini XauBot and basically XauBot at large that can help manage risk in the best way possible. 

For instance, the Mini XauBot has two main trading approaches that are the scalp trading method and also the multi level trading approach. 

To provide users with certainty and security in the market, there are parameters that let you control stop loss on a daily basis, take profit orders can be set to make sure you capitalize on gained profits, and also many parameters to control drawdown in the process of trading. 

These and many other features are how the Mini XauBot is able to have control over potential losses.

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Advantages of Trading with Small Balances 

A good question to ask at this point would be why is it profitable at all to trade with such small balances in the first place? 

There are many reasons why it is prudent to use a tool such as the Mini XauBot to begin trading in the forex market even with a few hundred dollars. 

  1. First of all, you can build up your trading capital. This means even if your initial deposit is low, you can build it up with the small profits as time goes on. 
  2. Precisely because the trading capital is so small, the risks are also minimal. Losing 100 dollars is so much better than losing 100,000! 
  3. For the same reason, it is also easy to start the process of trading, you do not have to wait for a lot of money to come your way, you can begin with what you have. 

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In this article we took a closer look at the Mini XauBot and how it can enable traders to engage in forex trading with as little as 100 dollars. We also discussed how the Mini XauBot is able to manage potential risks in the forex market and the risks associated with automated trading in this market.

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