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XAUBOT is an Expert Advisor powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence, compatible with ALL forex trading pairs. Trade any trading pair you’d like and also trade multiple pairs simultaneously with this automated approach to trading.

What is XAUBOT?

XAUBOT is an Automated Forex Trading Tool developed by Adak Academy. By relying on AI and smart trading approaches, XAUBOT is able to provide you with a high-profit margin and low drawdown. XAUBOT is the perfect addition to any trading platforms.

  • Works with ALL forex currency pairs
  • Trade Multiple Pairs Simultaneously
  • Expected Monthly Profit 2% – 5%
  • Advanced Money Management
  • Risk Management With AI
  • Limited Drawdown

Why is Investing in XAUBOT a Smart Move?

Our AI-powered operates non-stop

Here at XAUBOT, we started our journey with automated trading bot in the forex market.

But just like the enduring value and legacy of gold throughout time getting more and more precious, so too XAUBOT has become more than what it was.

And now with XAUBOT you can automatically trade all pairs in the foreign exchange market.

$800,000 investment received

$300,000 Profit in 180 days
$300,000 Profit in 180 days
$800,000 Capital

AI-powered gold trading bot to help you save time and let xaubot do the work for you

Try 15 days for free!

EA Result in Myfxbook & FXBlue

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Steps to Investing in XAUBOT?

Just 4 steps to start automated trading like a pro

Select the Plan that Suits You

Pick your subscription (FREE, Monthly, 6 Month, Yearly, Lifetime) of your choice for purchase and register an account for receiving your order

Integrate the Bot with Your Broker

Download and Run your robot under 5 minutes with video training and 24H our support

Personalize Your Risk Level

Your “Risk Level” is how much risk you are willing to accept to get a certain level of reward (Low,Medium,High, Aggressive, Fixed lot)

Generating Secure Steady Income

Use expert bot without coding skills and help you save time, trade 24/5 and automate your trading

Choose Your License Plan

Start with a Free Account Today


$0 $0 billed - 15 Days
  • Multi Level Strategy
  • Single Level Strategy
  • Monthly Profit >2%
  • Limited Drawdown
  • Money ManagementRisk
  • Risk Tolerance Level


$59 $59 billed monthly
  • Multi Level Strategy
  • Single Level Strategy
  • Monthly Profit >2%
  • Limited Drawdown
  • Money ManagementRisk
  • Risk Tolerance Level

6 Month

$49 $294 billed 6 month​
  • Multi Level Strategy
  • Single Level Strategy
  • Monthly Profit >2%
  • Limited Drawdown
  • Money ManagementRisk
  • Risk Tolerance Level


$39 $468 billed yearly​
  • Multi Level Strategy
  • Single Level Strategy
  • Monthly Profit >2%
  • Limited Drawdown
  • Money ManagementRisk
  • Risk Tolerance Level

Test Your Strategy

Start with a Free Account Today

Initial Amount: 1000

XAUBOT Advantages

Experience the leading AI trading tool

Draw Down
Limited Drawdown
Monthly Profit
Expected %2 to 5%
Win Rate
%81 Verified Myfxbook
Risk Management
100% with AI
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Getting Started

Basic Questions!

XAUBOT Works with ALL forex currency pairs

While we don't recommend any brokers to our customers, here are brokers that have been tested by us and our customers have had positive results with: IC Markets, Pepperstone, Tickmill, RannForex, XM, FIBO Group, Coinexx, RoboForex, ThinkMarkets, Vantage, Oanda, MexAtlantic, Windsor, Exness, FXCM, 8Cap.

Yes, the bot can be adjusted in 3 modes: low, medium and high, in each of which the amount of monthly profit and drawdown is different.

It depends on the market conditions, but around 2% to 5% based on your desire risk.

You can pay by any master or visa card or you can pay by cryptos.

$600 minimum to start but we recommend $1000 for start.

In general, bot can only be installed on mt4 on the computer and the trading of bot can be monitored using Android / IOS smartphones.

Yes, if you prove it, the account you are using has been deactivated.

No, each key is provided specific to the account type.

It depends on the market conditions, one of the most important advantages of the bot is that emotions do not enter into the deals

In the XAUBOT, an artificial intelligence (AI) is used and it automatically trades on your behalf

The download link will be active in your panel after purchasing so you can download and run XAUBOT.

You can tutorial videos in our telegram channel or you can ask our whatsApp supporters

By purchasing each bot, only 1 real account can be connected to the robot