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XTB xStation Definition

XTB xStation Definition

xStation is the official trading platform that is provided by the well-known broker XTB. This trading platform offers numerous charting tools and also technical indicators to traders. Additionally, it supports a wide range of different financial instruments across different markets.

In this article we are going to take a look at the parent company or the broker behind the platform, the ever famous XTB, and also the trading platform offered by this broker, xStation.


A Review of XTB Broker

XTB is among the leading brokers in the world. This company began its operations back in the year 2002. As of now, its offices are located in more than 10 countries in the world.

This means, among other things, that this company is highly regulated under various legal jurisdictions.

As a whole, XTB does not consider limitations for the countries from which users can be accepted. As a result, the users of this broker are from many different countries around the world and from all continents. However, there are a few number of exceptions, the most important one being the United States itself.

As we mentioned in the intro, xStation is the trading platform that was introduced to the traders by XTB in the year 2009. But before discussing the trading platform of this broker, let’s take a look at the most notable features of XTB.


What Are the Advantages of XTB?

Among the most important features of XTB, we can mention the following:

  • The broker, i.e. XTB is publicly registered in the stock market and traded. Companies that are publicly traded have a much higher degree of legitimacy.
  • A key advantage of XTB is the xStation itself. The fact that this broker offers its own trading platform is a huge pro.
  • As far as educational and tutorial content is concerned, XTB is a top notch broker, offering countless educational opportunities to traders.
  • By and large, XTB has a reasonable rate for its fees and commissions, at times dropping to altogether nada.


What Are the Disadvantages of XTB?

What Are the Disadvantages of XTB

What Are the Disadvantages of XTB

The following can be regarded as the disadvantage of XTB:

  • Even though XTB has amazing educational content, it does not, however, provide users with daily webinars like many other brokers. The webinars on XTB are offered on a weekly basis.
  • Many branches of XTB in various European countries do not support MetaTrader 4 anymore.
  • Users can only use equities in the form of cash in the Polish branch of XTB.


Safety and Legal Regulation of XTB

When it comes to safety in terms of legality, XTB has surely obtained a high score from different reviews conducted about this broker. There are a number of reasons as to why this is so.

Firstly, as we saw above, XTB is publicly traded. This means the stocks and shares of this company have been officially registered in the stock market. Companies that have gone public have surely been through the legal process of public registration in the stock market.

Furthermore, XTB is registered in more than 10 countries. Its official branches around the world mean that this company is highly and heavily regulated by various legal entities.

These entities include the securities and exchange commission and also futures authority bodies in different countries, including the UK, Poland, Greece, and many other countries.

This clearly means that XTB, being an international broker, is subject to the regulations and rules of trade in many different countries, making it one of the safest brokers in the world, and by extension also its trading platform.

xStation: Trading Platform of XTB

xStation Trading Platform of XTB

xStation Trading Platform of XTB

Since xStation has been developed by a financial broker and not an independent organization, many practical market related features have been considered for it. At first glance, the interface of xStation is designed to be as smooth as possible so that any trader with any level of experience would be able to navigate through its different parts.

xStation is designed to allow for the trading of literally thousands of financial instruments. This wide range of instruments can also be laid at the feet of the broker in charge of the trading platform and standing behind it. These instruments belong to various markets including the stock market, indices, commodities market, CFDs, ETFs, digital currencies, and also foreign currencies.

Furthermore, xStation offers suitable rates of leverage for traders who would like to trade with leverage. This figure of course differs based on the market and financial instrument that is being used for trading.


Key Features of xStation

xStation is also well equipped for traders who wish to analyze the market with technical analysis and also analyze the charts by drawing up different factors on different charts.

For this purpose, xStation offers traders 37 different technical indicators, which are categorized into different groups based on their use and functions.

Additionally, there are 29 different charting tools that are used to draw up different charts. These tools are also divided into different groups based on different factors that can be used in drawing charts, such as time frames or volume.

xStation comes in different formats for different devices and operating systems of desktop computers, in addition to having a mobile version.


Is xStation Free to Use?

Unfortunately, xStation is not free to use. But given the functionalities that this trading platform can offer, traders make it worth the money to purchase the license.

However, the XTB broker provides users with a free trial that lasts for 30 days.

In addition, during this free trial period, you can get a demo account at xStation and test out the trading environment for yourself. The demo account comes with $100,000 demo assets.


The Pros and Cons of xStation

There are many features that can be counted as the pros of xStation. These include great tools for technical analysis and also for charting. Plus, the sheer number of instruments that you can trade with xStation.

In fact, with the help of this trading platform you will be able to trade 2,200 different financial instruments.

The interface of xStation is also designed to be as smooth as possible. The platform can also be customized based on the personal taste and preference of the user.

But on the down side, there is a big disadvantage with xStation. This trading platform does not support automated trading. Perhaps this is a big disadvantage given the prevalence and popularity of algorithmic trading. Perhaps it is because xStation does not support trading bots and expert advisors that it also does not backtesting. In any case, if you are looking to use automated trading strategies, perhaps you should look for another platform for trading.



xStation is the name of a trading platform for various markets including the forex market. This platform is offered by the internationally recognized broker XTB. The broker itself was founded in 2002, while the trading platform was introduced to the market in 2009. xStation supports more than two thousand different financial instruments.

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