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ATAS Definition

ATAS Definition

ATAS is a trading platform that, as their developers claim, has been designed and introduced to the market in order to provide a powerful competitive edge for individual traders in the hectic condition which is found in almost all financial markets.

As such the behind ATAS has been able to provide users a trading platform that can be relied upon under tough situations in the market. Though unfortunately ATAS does not come free, unlike many other trading platforms where users can just connect to their broker and simply trade away.

Although ATAS offers users a free trial run so users can test the basic functionalities of the platform and make a better decision in a period of two weeks. After that you will have to pay 69 Euros pay per month to have the official license of the platform.

So let’s bring ATAS under the microscope and see what it can offer traders.


ATAS: A Closer Look at This Trading Platform

It might be interesting to point out what ATAS stands for. ATAS is actually an acronym for Advanced Time and Sales. ATAS is a trading platform that is specially designed to have an advanced graphical outlook that takes data directly from the exchange and presents it to the user in the best way possible.

ATAS is also a trading platform that is adapted to fully analyze important data and factors in the market that include liquidity and trading volume.

These are quite important factors when it comes to different trading styles and trading strategies. For instance, in the case of liquidity, it can be a good indicator for showcasing the volatility in the market. And traders who are engaged in day trading and also scalping can really benefit from such data.

Of course the competitive edge that ATAS can provide for its customers is the fact that it takes market data directly from the exchange and analyzes it for the user.


Key Features of ATAS

There are certain basic features that are offered by this trading platform that are pretty much basic and general procedure with all the platforms that work in similar markets. However, there are still certain features that can distinguish ATAS from other platforms.

The first feature is the order and volume flow features of this software. ATAS is designed to present certain types of data to users much better than other platforms. These data include orders and also the volume of trades.

In addition, ATAS is also fully compatible with any broker and also data feed. Of course this can’t be said from the other way around. But we will take a look at the broker compatibilities in the following sections. But as far as ATAS is concerned, it can match with any broker or data feed that you choose.

Furthermore, ATAS offers a large number of tools that can be used in market analysis and also with regard to charting. But the added bonus for all of these technical and charting tools is that you can actually customize and personalize them according to your own needs.

ATAS is applicable and beneficial for both highly experienced and also for novice users in the market. But at the same time, it offers a user-friendly and straightforward interface so that users will be able to benefit from its services in the easiest way possible.


What Markets Does ATAS Support?

What Markets Does ATAS Support

What Markets Does ATAS Support

There are certain brokers and trading platforms that might specialize in only a handful of markets. But luckily ATAS supports different financial markets so that users have the chance to trade various instruments across these markets.

ATAS supports instruments across markets such as the crypto market, the foreign exchange market, futures, options, stocks, commodities, and also markets from the US, Europe, and even Russian.

The way traders will choose which market and instrument to trade is basically twofold.

First of all, it will depend on your own personal skills as a trader. If you are more serious as a trader and have extensive knowledge in this field, then you might want to choose being a day trader or even get into scalping. These types of trading are more high frequency than others and so a market such as the forex market would be more suitable for them.

Secondly, you might want to choose different instruments for trading based on the extent to which you want to diversify your assets. As a result, you might heavily depend on the stock market and also go half way into the bonds market.

Also, the type of asset can also play an important role in your portfolio. For instance, precious metals such as gold that are traded as commodities can be excellent hedges against inflation.


Does ATAS Offer a Free Trial?

As we mentioned above, ATAS itself is not totally free. Though there are many trading platforms that are offered for free, ATAS is not.

In order to use this platform for the long run, you need to make monthly payments for the license. But luckily, ATAS does offer a free trial license for 14 days, during which users can test the basic features of the platform and make a decision whether they want to purchase it or not.


Trading Tools Provided by ATAS

Trading Tools Provided by ATAS

Trading Tools Provided by ATAS

The most important tools that are offered by ATAS to users include advanced charting tools and also technical indicators. The charting tools allow you to draw up charts and analyze them based on factors such as range, volume, and various time frames.

The technical indicators include indicators that are used to analyze volume and other important factors.


Which Brokers Support ATAS?

Naturally, depending on the type of instrument that you wish to trade with the help of the trading platform ATAS, you might need a different broker.

ATAS itself is supported by a number of reputable brokers in different markets. For instance, if you wish to trade foreign currencies in the forex market, you can opt to go with the well-known broker RoboForex.


ATAS Community – Additional Competitive Edge

There are of course communities around all trading platforms and other similar platforms. A community is extremely crucial for any trader. But the community around ATAS really boasts on being one of the best in the world.

Due to the features that ATAS offers, it has been able to amass a large gathering of followers or rather users from around the world. This community becomes especially useful when traders can share their ideas with one another and in this way enhance their knowledge and skill of trading.



ATAS is a platform that was originally developed by a team of traders who were looking to have a market analysis platform of their own. A platform that can receive the live data from the market or the exchange and analyze it for them. After this platform was developed, they decided to introduce it to the market. This platform entered the market under the name ATAS.

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