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Golden XAUBOT with Low-Risk Backtest Result 


Golden XAUBOT is pretty much taken as the standard for sturdiness and reliability among investors and traders in different financial markets. This is actually where we can find the roots to the golden standard as well. It is easy to understand why such a standard came to be in the first place. Gold is so reliable that at some point in history we decided to base our whole economy on it. 

But as reliable as gold itself is, we also need to make sure that the methods by which we trade this precious metal are also safe and reliable. Perhaps the best way to trade gold is to do so through the forex market and the best method for that would be full automation with the help of intelligent tools like the Golden XauBot. 

The Golden XauBot will let you fully automate the process of trading gold in forex with low risk and a high profitability rate. But as we said, we need to make sure that the method by which this trading is carried out is also as safe and reliable as the gold itself. 

For this reason, in this article we are going to take a look at the Golden XauBot and how it is able to provide users with a certain level of assurance and reliability so that they can fully trust this tool.


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A Look at the Golden XAUBOT and Its Salient Features 

Before we discuss how the Golden XauBot is able to provide users with a sense of certainty and reliability so that they can trust it with their assets and capital to trade gold in the forex market, it would be better to take a look at the expert advisor itself. 

What is the Golden XauBot after all? 

The Golden XauBot is the expert advisor provided by the trading solution platform XauBot that is, as the name suggests, specialized for trading the commodity gold in the foreign exchange market. As such it is compatible with the trading pair in forex that corresponds to gold and the US dollar, which is of course XAUUSD. This pair is gold denominated by the US dollar. In other words, with the pair XAU/USD you speculate on the price of gold based on the US dollar. 

There are certain requirements to begin using this expert advisor. For instance, there is a minimum amount of account deposit required for this expert advisor to work and that amount is $10,000. 

Furthermore, you need to have a VPS or virtual private server to install this expert advisor on your trading platform. A virtual private server will allow you to have your trading platform and expert advisor kept on a separate storage space on another server so that it is safe and running all the time. 

The Golden XauBot is able to provide users with a profit rate of 2% to 5% on a monthly basis. There are also countless features and parameters that are used to manage and control drawdown and other trading risks. 

There are also tons of parameters that directly correlate with stop loss and various other risk management tools. 

You can begin enjoying all the benefits and advantages that the Golden XAUBOT has to offer by installing this expert advisor on your MetaTrader 4 account. 

But with the talk of the features and capabilities that this expert advisor has to offer, we need to make sure that it is truly able to deliver all of them. So let’s take a look at how these features and the performance of the Golden XauBot can be verified and confirmed. 


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How Does the Golden XauBot Provide Users with Assurance? 

So the key to make sure that the Golden XauBot is able to deliver all the features and capabilities that it purports to do is to obtain verifications on such claims. Luckily, the Golden XauBot has been well able to accomplish this task through various manners and methods. This way users are provided with an astounding level of assurance and reliability to ward this expert advisor. 

One of the ways that this expert advisor provides assurance for users is through the refund policy that it has. The Golden XauBot has the longest time period when it comes to refund policy out of all the products offered by the XauBot platform. The refund period for the Golden XauBot is 100 days. Furthermore, the refund policy is no questions asked. So this means for an astounding 100 days you can get a refund on your money with no questions asked. 

Another way that assurances are provided to users are through methods known as backtesting and in general obtaining a report on the performance of the trading tool or trading strategy and then comparing it with the purported features and capabilities. 

The process of backtesting is where a trading strategy or a trading tool is put to the test of trading and then a report is obtained to see how the strategy or tool has performed. As such various back tests have been carried out for the Golden XauBot and the final reports for these tests are made available to users to see the actual performance of the Golden XauBot. 

In particular, we are going to discuss the low risk backtest results of the Golden XauBot. As the name suggests the level of risk for this report has been low. The duration of the backtesting process is from 2022 to 2024. Of course as we said, as is the minimum required account deposit, the initial deposit or fund for the low risk backtesting process of the Golden XauBot has been $10,000. 

During the periods of the backtesting and given the initial fund for trading, we can see that a total amount of $2,850 was accrued as profit. 

Furthermore, the reports show that the maximum drawdown for this backtesting process has been a minimal %10 which is truly amazing. 

So with all the safety features that the Golden XauBot has put in place and with the results from the low risk backtesting report of the Golden XauBot, we can see just how ideal this trading tools is for trading in forex.


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In this article we took a look at how the expert advisor Golden XauBot is able to verify its capabilities and features that it purports to have. In particular, we discussed the backtesting processes that are carried out for the Golden XauBot, specifically the low risk backtesting results.

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