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Mini XauBot for Accounts with Balances Up to $400 


One of the most important considerations when it comes to trading in the forex market is your account deposit with Mini XauBot. It is very important how much you put up for trading and how big or small your trading capital is. 

The importance is not merely related to the outcome of trading. You might think the more money the better for trading. While that may be true, there are other considerations with respect to account deposit and account capital. These considerations are related to the broker that you use and also the lot sizes that are permitted to be traded. 

While there is the standard lot size for trading, there are other options and choices where traders are able to trade with much smaller amounts of money. These correlate to different forms of account types where traders have access to much smaller lot sizes. 

But what about automated trading? What restrictions are users faced with? How much money do you need to begin using an automated trading tool? In this article we are going to focus on XauBot and one of its products in particular known as the Mini XauBot, with the help of which users can begin automated trading with only a couple hundred dollars. 


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The Role of Account Balance in Forex Trading and Automated Trading 

The thing about account balance is that, as we discussed early on in this article, it plays a crucial role in forex trading overall. It affects many different aspects of the trading process in this market. 

First and foremost, it is directly influential in the outcome of your positions in the foreign exchange market. Naturally, when you think about the profitability in this market in terms of percentages and not merely dollar figures, it is easy to see why having a higher balance would clearly translate into a high profit margin, given the fact that a certain percentage of a higher amount is obviously higher than the same percentage for a lower amount. 

This is like trading 101 and quite easy to understand. 

But account balance is also tied into the ability of traders to associate and get involved with the broker that they want and open positions with them in the market. There are many brokers that have limitations with respect to lot size and therefore the amount of money the traders need to deposit into their account in order to be able to trade with the broker. 

But all of these factors that are involved in having a high account balance would make things clearly straightforward for trading. The real talent in trading ought to be seen when the trader can still reach profitability with a small balance. 

So would it be possible to being trading in forex with only a couple hundred dollars? And also at the same time be profitable? 

While there are brokers that allow this type of trading in forex with the help of certain account types with lot sizes such as micro, mini, or nanu, among others, and thus allow the trader to engage in manual trading, there is also another way. 

The other way is to utilize something known as automated trading in forex, where you would rely on an automated trading solution such as an expert advisor that would execute trades on your behalf in the market. 

But there are also limitations in that regard. You need to find an expert advisor that is compatible with such small balances. But you need not look any further. For the Mini XauBot is exactly what you need. 


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A Look at the Mini XauBot and Its Required Account Balance 

So as we said the route to trading with only a couple of hundred dollars through automation in forex is to use the Mini XauBot. This product of XauBot platform is their version of the expert advisor that is compatible with small balances for trading. 

In fact, the biggest feature of the Mini XauBot is that this expert advisor can be operated with a balance that ranges between 100 dollars and 400 dollars. In fact, as the name suggests, the so called Mini XauBot is specifically made for such small balances, such that it cannot work with balances that exceed the amount of 500 dollars. 

Furthermore, because it is the Mini version of XauBot, it is only compatible with a handful of trading pairs in forex. These forex pairs include the following, AUDNZD, AUDCAD, GBPNZD, NZDCAD. 

But perhaps the best thing about this expert advisor is that it can provide traders with an expected monthly profit of 5 percent to 10 percent. And this is exactly where the advantage of this trading tool is. It doesn’t matter that you are trading with such small balances. You are still guaranteed to earn a good amount of money and profits on a monthly basis. 

This way, even though you are trading with a small balance, you will nonetheless be able to earn a respectable and considerable profits through forex trading. 

To provide traders with assurances, there is also a policy to refund the money of traders who, for any reason, decide not to use this trading tool. As such there is a refund policy that extends for 15 days, no questions asked. 


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The Mini XauBot is an automated trading tool and a special version of the XauBot automated trading solution that allows traders to engage in forex trading with this expert advisor with nominal balances. In fact, the Mini XauBot can work with balances that range between 100 and 400 dollars. This way even if you have a small budget at your disposal, you can still engage in automated forex trading and expect to earn a profit of 5 to 10 percent on a monthly basis.

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