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Achieving Consistent Profits with XAUBOT PRO Trading Strategies 


So you’re thinking about implementing XauBot Pro and want to know about its Trading Strategies. Well, look no further because this is where we are going to talk about all the ways in which XauBot Pro is able to bring your steady profits consistently through its different strategies and the parameters that are put in place for this purpose. 

XauBot Pro has been able to establish a profitability of 2% to 5% on a monthly basis. This figure has been obtained through several months of being tracked by well-known audit websites such as Myfxbook and MQL5. But how has XauBot Pro been able to establish such a record? Read this article to find out how you can also achieve steady profits with XauBot Pro. 


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Accumulating Profits with Scalping Strategy 

As you might already know XauBot Pro has two main trading approaches which users can choose. One of them is scalping. Of course scalping is one of the most popular and one of the most widely applied trading strategies across all financial markets and with various financial instruments. 

The key thing about scalping strategy is that trading in this method takes place very quickly. This means trades executed very quickly and positions are opened and closed in the shortest time frame possible. This means we have a situation where a high number of trades can be executed in a short period of time. This is how profits can be accumulated through the scalping strategy. 

This is in fact one of the biggest advantages of scalping, the fact that it doesn’t take long to obtain profits and that also you can use this method to accrue profits over mid to long run. 

But because of the fast paced nature of this trading strategy, there are also certain risks associated with it. For instance, because the hope is to capitalize on the smallest price changes possible, then the difference between the price at which you place your order and the price at which your order is actually executed in the market could easily damage your profit margins. This is something known as slippage. 

But of course XauBot Pro is a fully intelligent and smart trading tool and thus it has features that have been developed for this reason in order to yield consistent profits. For example, there is a parameter with the help of which you can define the maximum slippage for the scalping strategy. This means you can define for XauBot Pro what the maximum slippage can possibly be for your scalping positions. If the slippage that occurs exceeds your defined threshold, then the position is closed immediately in order to protect your assets and avoid losses. 

Furthermore, there are other parameters such as the take profit feature. Using this feature you can define for XauBot Pro in the most precise terms, in the number of pips, the amount of profit you hope to gain from your scalping positions. In this way, whenever your scalp positions hit your predefined profit levels, then XauBot Pro will automatically close the position in order to lock in the profits and avoid any loss of profits. 

There is yet another feature known as risk free after, which will allow you to define a distance in terms of the number of pips after which your position will become risk free. This and similar parameters that are offered by XauBot Pro will ensure that scalping strategy is executed with the lowest risks possible and also the maximum profitability. 


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Multi-Level Strategy: XauBot Pro Does It All! 

We discussed one of the main trading strategies offered by XauBot Pro in the previous section which was the scalping method. Here is the second trading strategy offered by XauBot Pro – multi-level strategy. 

Multi-level is one of the most reliable methods of engagement in all financial markets and financial endeavors. The basic idea behind this strategy is to keep trading until such time that you win big enough that not only will it cover all the losses but it will also make up for a pretty good profit. 

As such, the way it works is that the size of your position is doubled after each position is closed and a new one is to be opened. This one even if the previous hand had resulted in loss, because the size of the next position is doubled then the potential profits will cover the losses of the previous one completely. 

Wo this is another one of the methods with the help of which XauBot Pro is able to provide its users with such consistent levels of profitability. 


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Profitability Parameters Implemented in XauBot Pro 

The way XauBot Pro has been able to establish such consistent levels of profitability can be seen through its many different features and parameters that it has put in place for just this purpose. Among these features we can refer to the following: 

  • Take profit for first trade (pips): this parameter is for the profitability of the multi-level strategy and with the help of this you can define the profit levels for the first round of trading with this method 
  • Maximum daily profit: as the name suggests, with such parameter users are able to define what their expected daily goals are for profitability 
  • Take profit (pips): this parameter is for the profitability of the scalping strategy and with the help of this parameter you can define the expected profit target for scalping positions. 
  • Risk-free parameter: this is yet another feature that is directly tied to the profitability of the scalping trading method, in which users are able to define a distance after which their scalping positions become risk free past a certain price change or number of pips. 


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When picking any automated trading solution, one of the most important factors that you need to keep in mind are its levels of profitability. In the case of XauBot Pro, this artificial intelligence based automated trading solution is able to provide users with a steady 2% to 5% monthly profits. Such consistent levels of profits are guaranteed through precise trading strategies and countless other features that are put in place just for that purpose. 

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