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Purchasing the Prop Trading Bot XauBot Pro 

Don’t work hard, work smart should be your motto in any domain of life, and Prop Trading not just your trading career. The same principle can easily apply to prop trading. As you know prop trading is a field of trading whereby companies provide you with their capital, which can at times be easily millions of dollars, and allow you to trade with that money to obtain profits, which are then divided between you and the company. 

Although an incredible way to boost your career as a trader and open infinite doors of opportunity, it is quite challenging to become a prop trader. There are daunting and difficult challenges that must be passed to establish yourself as a prop trader. 

The smartest way to pass these challenges is to purchase the prop trading bot XauBot Pro and have this automated trading solution take care of the challenge for you. 

So let’s take an in-depth look at XauBot Pro, its relevant in prop trading, prop firms and their challenges, and finally how you can purchase this bot to pass any prop challenge. 

Want to become a prop trader? 

You first need to pass difficult challenges 

The smartest solution is using XauBot Pro 

You can purchase XauBot Pro and have it pass the challenge for you 


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What Is XauBot Pro and Its Relevance in Prop Trading 

XauBot Pro is the ultimate forex trading tool. It is an automated approach to trading which relies on modern technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide forex traders with the best and most reliable algorithmic trading method. With the help of XauBot Pro you can fully automate the process of forex trading, sit back, relax, and only reap the benefits provided by XauBot. 

But how is XauBot relevant with prop trading

XauBot Pro is an automated trading tool that can easily bring you guaranteed monthly profits of up to 5%. It is fully verified by well-known forex bot and trading strategy audit sites such as Myfxbook and MQL5. In addition to highly advanced technical analysis approaches to trading, XauBot Pro also comes fully equipped with various fundamental analysis tools, such as its built-in news filter in addition to the holiday filter. It also provides traders with two main approaches to automated trading, namely multi-level trading and scalp trading strategy. 

XauBot also provides users with an extremely advanced money management tool, where you can exactly calculate your risk levels and profit targets according to your capital. 

As if that is not enough, XauBot also has extremely sophisticated risk management tools, such as daily and hourly stop loss, maximum drawdown, hidden stop loss, among many others. 

Should we go on? 

XauBot Pro is fully compatible with FTMO, which is perhaps the most sought after prop trading firm among traders. 

You can take all of these features and amazing capabilities to beat the prop challenge of FTMO or any other prop trading firm. 

What is XauBot Pro? 
  • Completely smart automated trading tool 
  • Steady profits on a monthly basis: up to 5% 
  • Technical analysis tools 
  • Fundamental analysis tools (news filter and holiday filter) 
  • Verified on audit sites (Myfxbook and MQL5) 
  • Highly advanced money management tool 
  • Sophisticated and smart risk management tools 
  • Compatible with FTMO prop firm 
  • Use it to pass any prop firm’s challenge 


How to Choose the Best Prop Trading Firm? 

So, we saw what XauBot Pro is, what its relevance is in prop trading, and how you can use this automated trading tool to beat any prop trading challenge, including the challenge by the prop firm FTMO, which is fully compatible with XauBot Pro. 

In the next segments we will also show you how you can purchase XauBot Pro. But before we do that, let us see how you can choose the best prop trading firm and why we have decided to offer special compatibility with FTMO. 

There are certain factors you need to keep in mind when choosing your prop firm: 

  • Proportion of profit division: this is a highly important factor. You need to see how you will divide the profits between you and the prop firm. How much do they take? And how much is left for you? This can range widely from prop firm to prop firm and also depending on various conditions within the same prop firm. But with FTMO, for instance, you can get up to 90% of the profits yourself. 
  • Maximum loss threshold: another important factor to keep in mind is the threshold for maximum loss allowed. Losing is also part of the game. You must check to see how much you are allowed to lose. 
  • Withdrawal periods: payday is the best day! Always make sure to check the intervals at which the prop firm allows withdrawals of the profits. For instance, with FTMO this period is about once every two weeks, which is quite acceptable. 
  • Refunding registration fee: to participate in the prop challenge of any firm, you need to pay a fee first. But always make sure whether you will get back your fee when you pass the challenge. This is the case with FTMO. 
  • No time limit for trading: prop trading can be stressful enough. You do not need external factors to increase the pressure on you. Having a time limit for trading can really put an additional burden on you. with FTMO there are no limits for the period of trading, whether in their challenge or when you become an official prop trader. 

How to pick the best prop firm? 
  • What share of the profits do you receive? With FTMO this can be as high as 90% 
  • How much can you lose as a prop trader? This amount is a minimum of $1,000 with FTMO for a $10,000 account 
  • At what periods can you withdraw your share of the profits? It is about once every two weeks with FTMO 
  • Do you get your registration fee back? With FTMO you are refunded if you pass the challenge 
  • How much time do you have for trading? With FTMO there is no time limit for the duration of trading 


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How to Purchase XauBot Pro 

So far, we discussed XauBot Pro and its amazing features. We saw how you can use this automated trading tool to pass any prop challenge, especially the challenge by the prop firm FTMO. We also took a look at the factors you need to keep in mind when picking the prop firm whose challenge you want to pass. 

Now it is time to see how you can purchase XauBot Pro to pass any prop challenge. 

To purchase XauBot Pro and also get a full understanding of the features of this platform, you need to first head to the website and from there you can click on get started to create your account for free. 

To provide users with a way to fully test the platform, the option is provided for you to use XauBot Pro for free for 15 days. Of course you can purchase XauBot Pro for only $1199 for life! That is right, you can purchase the lifetime account of XauBot Pro for this sweet price and engage in prop trading with it for as long as you want. To put your mind at ease even further, XauBot Pro has a refund money policy of up to 15 days if the bot is not profitable. An option that you will never have to use! 



XauBot Pro is an automated trading solution which provides traders with an algorithmic and fully smart method of trading in the forex market with any trading pair that they want. You can purchase XauBot Pro with its lifetime plan and use it to beat the challenge of any prop trading firm, including FTMO with which XauBot Pro is fully compatible. 

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