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Exploring XAUBOT PRO’s Multi-Level Trading Strategy for Optimal Forex Performance 


The real application of a forex automated trading tool is in the strategies that it can offer you. This is how it will be able to be suitable for a wide range of trading needs under different trading conditions. To provide its users with the best options when it comes to trading strategies, XauBot Pro offers two major approaches to trading that users can choose from. One of them is scalping and the other is multi-level trading strategy, which is the subject of this article. 

More precisely, we are going to be looking at how XauBot Pro is able to offer the best features and capabilities that are specifically designed to make multi-level trading to be at its most optimal level. 


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What Is Multi-level Trading on XauBot Pro? 

As we mentioned in the intro, multi-level trading is one of the two major trading strategies that are offered by XauBot Pro. This is how you are able to input your own personal choice and preference with this automated trading tool right from the get-go. 

This is very important for users when they want to use an automated solution. In many cases with automated solutions you are given no choice and just have to put up with whatever options you are given. But this is not the case with XauBot Pro. 

As we said, right from the start you can make choices. And one of the major choices that you make is which trading strategy to go with. But of course as we will see in this article that is not where it ends. After you have chosen your trading strategy that is when the rest of the choices begin. Then you can choose all the little preferences as to how you want that strategy to be executed. But we’ll discuss that in the next section. For now we’ll focus on multi-level strategy itself. 

What is a multi-level strategy and why is it a good idea to use it? Multi-level strategy which is also known as Martingale method is a well-known approach in the world of finance and it is used in multiple markets and different financial venues. 

According to the multi-level method, the market participant or trader needs to double the size of their position in the market after each move. Now of course depending on where exactly multi-level is being used this can have different interpretations. But since our main focus is the forex market, we’ll use that as the example. 

Using the multi-level strategy in the forex market means you need to double the size of your position after each attempt. This doubling of position size continues until such time profit targets are obtained and you can start all over again. 

And the way multi-level trading strategy works is that it will pay off eventually even if it leads to losses. This means, no matter how many positions you lose, if you keep up with the multi-level method, you will eventually reach a balance and tip over to the profit side. 

But this means for the multi-level to work all the time, you might need to have a high amount of trading capital. Because as we said the size of the position is doubled after each attempt. So if your positions lead to loss for a few positions in a row and you have to keep doubling the size, then you need to have the necessary capital. 

This is the idea behind multi-level trading. It is simple enough and it works on paper. But let’s see how XauBot Pro is able to perfectly execute this trading strategy with the help of its many parameters and features that are developed specifically or this strategy.


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What Features and Parameters are developed for Multi-Level Trading on XauBot Pro? 

Almost all ideas and strategies work on paper. The real deal is to be able to execute them in the market and actually have profitability. The way XauBot Pro can guarantee profitability with multi-level is through the many features that it has for this trading strategy. 

Though there are many features that you can customize in order to obtain the best results with multi-level with XauBot Pro, the following are a few of these parameters that can help you in this regard: 

Permission for buy and sell: this is a very basic and yet crucial feature with the help of which you can define for XauBot Pro which type of positions it is allowed to open with multi-level strategy. As such you can enable XauBot Pro to only open buy positions, sell positions or both of them in multi-level strategy. 

Maximum lot size: this is another really important feature that pertains to multi-level strategy. As the name suggests, with the help of the maximum lot size parameter you can define the biggest lot size that XauBot Pro is allowed to open with a multi-level strategy. It is specifically important with multi-level strategy since the lot size is a major part of this strategy. This way you can control the size of the positions that are opened by XauBot Pro and will be able to use it as a way not to let multi-level trading get out of hand. 

Take profit for first trade (pips): with the help of this feature you are able to define profit targets for XauBot Pro with regard to the first position in multi-level trading strategy. 

Break even after this level: this parameter will enable you to define for XauBot Pro the number of levels that are to reach a profit for the positions to be closed altogether. So for example if you define 2 or 3 levels to reach profit, when that happens, all positions are closed. 

Symbols that you want to trade: this is yet another basic but absolutely crucial parameter for multi-level trading. With the help of this feature you can choose the symbols, or currency pairs, that you want to be traded by XauBot Pro with multi-level strategy. This gives you more room and space to customize this method of trading. 


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Multi-level trading is one of the most reliable trading strategies across all financial markets including the forex market. In this article we discussed how XauBot Pro provides this strategy to its users and also what parameters it has to make sure this strategy is executed perfectly. 

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