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Mini XAUBOT Track Record on MQL5 


When you want to choose an expert advisor or any trading tool like Mini XauBot that can assist you in the process of forex trading, it is completely okay to be as picky as possible. You are leaving your assets with that tool after all. So it is only natural that you would go through all the necessary due diligence before trusting that tool or platform. 

As we discussed in the case of a forex advisor or an automated trading tool, you are literally leaving all of your trading assets or account deposits in that particular case with that particular tool. So expense no review and go through all the required steps to make sure that you are indeed trusting your money with a reliable platform. 

In this article we are going to take a look at the platform XauBot and one of its specific products called the Mini XauBot, which is designed to be compatible with small account deposits. 

What we are going to do is we shall go through the factors that ensure the reliability of the performance of this expert advisor and specifically its track record on the popular and well-known audit website MQL5. 


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Is the Mini XauBot Reliable? 

The Mini XauBot is designed especially for those traders who want to begin trading in the foreign exchange market with a small capital at their disposal. In fact, the required account deposit for the Mini XauBot is in the range between 100 dollars and 400 dollars. 

At the same time, even though the required account deposit is low, it doesn’t mean that the safety and reliability of the Mini XauBot isn’t important. Quite the contrary. Because you are dealing with such small balances, it becomes that much more important for the expert advisor and the automated trading tool to be more reliable in the prop execution of its performance. 

Otherwise, using the expert advisor or any other tool would not be prudent with small balances. Remember, the whole point of the expert advisor the Mini XauBot is that you can start trading with such small balances. So it has to work well in order to be able to bring you substantial profits that can be big enough to be profitable in the end with small balances. 

As such with the parameters that features that have been integrated into the Mini XauBot, this expert advisor is able to provide traders with an expected monthly profit that ranges between 5 percent to 10 percent. So as you can see, even though the trading balance is small, the rate of profitability is actually quite high compared to various different methods of trading and even other automated trading tools. 

Among the most important features that are integrated into the Mini XauBot to make sure such numbers are basically guaranteed we can refer to the two main trading strategies that are part and parcel of the XauBot platform, which are the scalp trading method and also the multi level trading strategy. 

Now, let’s see how it is possible to verify and confirm that the Mini XauBot is able to deliver such numbers. 

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Track Record of the Mini XauBot 

So far we learned about the performance of the Mini XauBot and how it is able to provide users with substantially significant numbers in profitability even with small balances. But as we discussed, you always need to make sure that you go through the necessary due diligence and verify that all the numbers and figures are actually true and legitimate. 

In the case of the Mini XauBot, there are different ways that you can make sure what it purports to do is actually true and reliable. For instance, you can rely on various user comments and user testimonials about the XauBot platform itself at large. This platform and its various products can be found on different audit websites, and also websites that track user testimonials. So you can read about the real experience of users to see how this expert advisor actually performs. 

One particular way to verify the stats purported by the Mini XauBot is to look up its track record on the popular audit website MQL5. As you might know, MQL5 is one of the most well-known copy trading websites where you can look up various trading strategies and expert advisors to see how they perform. 

So if we take a look at the performance of the Mini XauBot on MQL5 and go through its past performance as recorded by this website, we can find out about the following stats. Of course these are only a handful of data, there is so much more that you can go and check out for yourself. 

During the time that the Mini XauBot has been registered with MQL5 and its performance has been being tracked by this audit website, we can see that in total around 150 trades have been registered so far. Out of the 150 trades executed by this expert advisor, more than 100 trades have ended in profit. So this means the Mini XauBot has been able to register such a high win rate. 

In fact, out of all the trades, about 74% of them have ended in profit, which is an astoundingly high and substantial number. This also means that only around 26% of trades have ended in loss. 

These two figures alone are enough to make sure of the reliable performance of the Mini XauBot. 

It might also interest you to know that of all the positions that have been opened by the Mini XauBot, around half and half are long and short positions. 

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In this article we talked about the importance of checking out the track record of trading tools and expert advisors before choosing to trust your money with them. Specifically, we looked at the track record of the Mini XauBot on the audit website MQL5.

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