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Analyzing Market Trends with Forex bots 


Trend trading is one of the most popular methods of trading among forex bots and traders. It is at the same time one of the most profitable methods as well. But it doesn’t come easy, as it is rather difficult to correctly detect a trend in the market and execute trades based on that. 

It gets even more difficult when you have to realize that trends do not just need to be detected, they need to be detected at the exact right time. With all this complexity, it is a good idea to leave this task to a robot. And so many traders opt for this option. That is why we have many forex trading robots that execute trades based on market trends. 

So in this article we will take a look at forex robot trading with a pinch of trend trading! 


Which Forex Bots Trade Based on Trend? 

This is a good question to start with. And to answer it we need to take a quick look at what different types of trading bots are there in the forex market. Then we will focus more on trend trading with automated solutions. 

Basically, a forex robot is a piece of algorithm or code that is able to execute trades based on the process that has been defined for it. As such we can say that there are four main categories of forex trading bots. 

First, we have expert advisors or EAs. An EA is a trading robot that is used mainly for its market analysis advantages. Expert advisors are developed to be able to monitor the market and analyze it with the help of technical indicators in order to find the most profitable entry points as well as the most opportune exit points. These are the type of forex trading bots where we can see a great deal of trend trading taking place. 

It is because expert advisors rely on technical analysis, and a major part of technical analysis is related to analyzing the market to find the trends in it. 

Other categories of forex trading robots include scalping bots, which as their main method of trading employ the scalping style whereby quick trades are made with marginal profits in order for it to have a accumulative approach to profiting, news trading robots which rely most heavily on fundamental analysis in order to find the most profitable trading opportunities based on the larger economic factors and news release that impact the market, and finally arbitrage bots which rely on the spread or difference in the price of trading pairs across different markets in order to yield profits. 

Alright now we have a basic understanding of different types of forex trading bots and which ones can be used in order to analyze forex market trends. 


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What Constitutes a Trend in the Forex Bots & Market? 

As you know the forex market deals with foreign currencies from all over the world and all the countries. Being such a huge market with an astonishingly high trading volume, it is natural to expect ups and downs in the market. But monetarily ups and downs would not constitute a trend in the market. These are mere fluctuations. 

In order for a trend to form, a certain pattern in the price trajectory for an asset, in this case a trading pair, must be seen in an extended period of time. In this way if the overarching price change for a forex pair is upwards then we can say there is a positive trend for that pair and if the overall price changes have been negative, then there is a negative or downtrend. 

As such in the forex market, we have three main types of trends, namely an uptrend or a positive trend, a downtrend or a negative trend, and also a sideways trend where we do not witness a fully formed trend in the market. 



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Identifying a Trend at the Right Time 

As we mentioned in the intro, the detection of the trend is only the first leg of the journey. The actual destination has to do with the timely detection of the trend. If you do not find it at the right time, then it can be of no use. 

The way trends are detected in the market is with the help of technical analysis and relevant indicators. There is a whole group of technical indicators dedicated to trend analysis. 

In addition to the trend itself, there are also other ways in which trend trading takes place in forex. For instance the use of trend reversal in order to enter into a position. This is when you know a current trend in the market is about to reverse to the other side. There are also technical indicators for this purpose. 

So let’s take a look at some of them. 


The Best Technical Indicators for Trend Analysis 

As mentioned above, there is a whole class of indicators dedicated to trend analysis. Here we only want to mention a select few of them. 

One of the most widely applied indicators in trend trading is called the average directional index or ADX. It is quite popular among traders because it can tell you whether a trend is strong or weak. ADX provides you with a value of 0 to 100, which naturally corresponds to the strengths of a trend in the same way. 

Another indicator, or rather group of indicators, used for the purpose of trend trading are the moving averages. As the name suggests they provide traders with an averaged understanding of price movements and market trends. 

Other notable indicators include the relative strength index or RSI which is used for identifying overbuying and overselling in the market which is itself used to detect trend reversals, and Bollinger bands which also provide users with a smooth and averaged look at price changes with three average lines. 


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How to Analyze Forex Market Trends with Forex bots 

As we discussed so far, trend trading is one of the best methods of trading in all markets, including the forex market. Due to the complexities associated with trend analysis, it is a great idea to allocate this task to forex trading robots. 

But not all robots are designed to be good at trend analysis. There are, however, expert advisors that are developed to employ advanced technical analysis methods just for this purpose. 

For instance, XauBot Pro employs the best technical indicators for trend analysis that we discussed above, including relative strength index (RSI) and Bollinger bands. So you can rest assured that this intelligent automated trading tool can provide you with the best forex market trend analysis. 



Trend trading is a method of trading in which positions are opened and closed based on the overarching trend in the market or the reversal of the main trends. Detecting trends requires rather complex technical analysis. As a result it would prove quite prudent to leave this task to a forex trading robot, such as XauBot Pro which implements technical indicators such as RSI and Bollinger bands for this purpose. 

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