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What is the symbol of silver in Forex and the best time to trade silver? 


One of the most important decisions you have to make as a forex trader is what to trade in this market. Similar to almost all the other financial markets in the world, as a trader you need to choose the financial instrument you want to trade. But the thing about the forex market is that your choices might be more than most other markets. 

You can find innumerable currency pairs that are made from foreign currencies from all over the world. But there are also commodities that you trade in the forex market. Among them we can refer to precious metals that you can trade in this market. But out of all precious metals, we are going to dedicate this article to silver

So real along to find out everything about trading silver in the forex market. 


How Is Silver Traded in the Forex Market? 

As we mentioned in the intro, the forex market is not merely for foreign currencies. Although foreign currencies make up the majority of the trading volume that takes place in this market, there are other financial instruments that can be traded as well. this includes precious metals. But we are talking about one particular precious metal – silver

 Silver is shown with the symbol XAG in the forex market. As is the case with all the instruments listed in this market, silver is also shown with three letters. 

XAG is used to make a number of trading pairs that can be used to trade silver. Perhaps the most important one is XAG/USD which is clearly silver against the US dollar. 

But what does this denomination mean? Do you actually buy silver in the forex market with US dollars? 

Not exactly. Just like all the other trading activity that takes place in forex, you are simply speculating on the price of silver when you are trading its relevant pair. 

This means when you trade the pair XAG/USD you are not actually purchasing any real silver. You are merely speculating on the price of silver against the US dollar. 

But there is more to it. With this pair you speculate on the price of one troy ounce of silver against its dollar value. The Troy ounce is one of the most traditional units of measurement for all precious metals. It finds its roots in a French town with the same name. A town that used to be a global hub for trading all kinds of precious metals. So the name stuck with Troy ounce. Each troy ounce is equal to about 1.09 ordinary ounces which is about 31 grams. 

This way you can actually make money with silver in the forex market through making speculations on whether the value of one troy ounce of silver will increase or decrease against the US dollar. 



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Why Should You Invest in Silver in Forex? 

Before we go any further with the details of trading silver in the forex market, let’s see why it is a good idea to invest in silver at all. 

Investment in all precious metals, including silver, is highly recommended by almost all economists and financial advisors. This is because these types of assets have always been able to keep their value through any economic turmoil. 

And there is a simple idea behind it. There is a reason why they are called precious metals. Their resources are finite. So based on supply and demand they will always be precious and keep their value. 

This is why it is a good idea to keep a portion of your assets in one form of precious metal or the other. Precious metals in this way are particularly good for diversifying your assets. 

And among them silver is an interesting choice. This is because most other precious metals can be quite expensive. So much so that not all traders or investors can purchase them. But with silver, you are dealing with a precious metal that has a much more reasonable price than all the other precious metals. So you can start investing in silver even with small amounts of money. 



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Why Is Trading Silver in Forex a Good Idea? 

So we talked about why it is a good idea to invest in silver and indeed all other precious metals. But to start investing in silver there are many routes that you can choose. 

You can, for instance, go with the conventional approach and just purchase the physical form of silver. But that can be challenging with the shipment of silver in the first palace and then you have to think about its safe storage. 

A much better way is to trade silver in the forex market. Because in forex you can simply speculate on the price of silver but you don’t actually have to purchase physical silver, transfer it, keep it, and all the other challenges. 



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Best Time to Trade Silver in Forex? 

There are two approaches to trading silver in forex: 

  • Short term trading such as day trading silver is not recommended. This is because first of all this precious metal does not exhibit a lot of volatility that you can take advantage of. And secondly the spreads on silver are usually not favorable for day trading. 
  • The second approach is to look at trading silver in the forex market with a longer term time frame especially by relying on fundamental analysis. The price of silver can be moved depending on large scale fundamental factors. So if you keep an eye out you can make money by trading forex in forex in the long run. 


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Silver is a precious metal that has all the advantages that precious metals offer and also it has a much more reasonable price. This makes it a perfect choice for even individual traders who do not have a huge trading capital. Almost anyone can begin trading silver in the forex market. In this article we discussed everything about trading silver in the forex market, including its symbol in forex, the most important pair including silver, and the reasons why trading silver in forex is a good idea. 

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