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Mini XAUBOT with features multi-level and scalp trading strategies 


The Mini XauBot is the lite version of the comprehensive expert advisor XauBot which is a platform for automated trading solutions in the foreign exchange market. And this platform offers its expert advisor in different suites to meet the needs and requirements of different users. 

The Mini XauBot features the main and essential parameters of the XauBot platform. These of course include the two main trading approaches and trading strategies that are the scalp method and the multi level trading method. 

In this article we intend to take a look at the Mini XauBot first to go over its main characteristics. And then we want to discuss the use and application of the scalp trading method and also the multi level trading approach and see how they can especially be used with small trading capitals. So read along to find out how you can multiply your trading deposit with the help of the Mini XauBot and its two main trading methods. 

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What Are the Main Feature of the Mini XauBot 

As we briefly discussed in the introduction, the Mini XauBot is sort of the lite version of the main version of the XauBot trading tool. As such it has limited features compared to other products such as the XauBot Pro. 

But a better perspective to look at the Mini XauBot is that it has been made to be compatible with small balances. This is because there are many traders who do not have a lot of money at their disposal for trading in financial markets. There are many individual traders or micro investors who want to engage in trading but they do not have a lot of money. These traders would like to get involved, but they lack the monetary resources. 

It is for this reason that the Mini XauBot was designed especially for those traders who want to enter the market on a budget. Of course for the same reason, the Mini version of the XauBot has certain limitations and constraints compared to other versions of XauBot, such as the XauBot Pro which is the most complete version of this expert advisor. 

However, do not be fooled by the name or appearance. While the Mini XauBot has less features compared to other versions, it is still able to deliver on all of its promises to users in the forex market. 

Above everything else, the Mini XauBot is fine-tuned and fully adjusted to be compatible with low budgets. With this expert advisor you will be able to engage in automated trading in forex with a budget that can range from 100 to 400 dollars only. 

Even though it is compatible with small budgets only, this expert advisor is still able to provide users with a substantial profit percentage. In fact, the Mini XauBot is able to provide users with an expected monthly profit of 5% to 10%. 

Now let’s see how Mini XauBot’s two main trading approaches, i.e. scalp trading and multi level trading, can be specifically suitable and profitable for small balances. 

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How Can Scalp Strategy Be Useful with Small Balances? 

First of all, let’s start with the scalping method. This particular trading method is specifically compatible with small balances in forex. But why and how? 

The fundamentals of scalping are that this trading method can capitalize on even the smallest price changes in the market. In fact, contrary to some other trading methods, the scalp method can pocket even a few pips. 

It is for this reason that the scalping method is particularly useful with small balances. With this method, your profits can accrue and over time your trading capital will be much more than you started with. 

Plus, because the scalping method is one of the riskiest trading methods, it would perhaps be even better to implement this method with small balances and not risk a lot of capital.  

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Using the Multi Level Method with a Low Trading Capital 

The second major trading strategy that is found in the Mini XauBot is of course the multi level trading approach. But how can this method be suitable with small balances? 

Well, the main idea behind the multi level trading method is to double the size of the position in the market after every attempt. When you do this, even if you lose, precisely because you double the size of the position, when you eventually win, it will be quite substantial. In fact, it will be substantial enough that it will cover the losses that you have sustained so far. 

So with the multi level approach, winning is kind of guaranteed. And perhaps this is exactly what you need when your trading deposit and trading capital is so little. A way that is guaranteed to bring you profits. 

Plus, with the help of this method you can also rest assured that your trading capital will increase eventually when your position ends in profit. 


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The Mini XauBot offers the two main trading approaches that are part and parcel of the XauBot expert advisor for automated trading in the foreign exchange market. As we discussed, the Mini XauBot is compatible with small balances in the forex market. So both of these two trading methods are also in a way compatible with small balances. The scalp method is suitable for capitalizing on small price changes that might even be a few pips. On the other hand, the multi level trading method is a popular method that is guaranteed to pay off in the end. 

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