Mini XAUBOT recommends currency pairs AUDNZD, AUDCAD, GBPNZD, NZDCAD  - XAUBOT

Mini XAUBOT recommends currency pairs AUDNZD, AUDCAD, GBPNZD, NZDCAD 


Mini XauBot: The world of forex trading is more than anything else defined by the decisions that you make in the process of trading. While there are countless decisions, there is one in particular that is going to be the focus of this article as well. And that decision is concerning the financial instruments that you choose to trade. 

Of course the financial instruments that are traded in the forex market are foreign currencies. And not in single form, rather in the form something known as a trading pair. As the name suggests, a trading pair is composed of two foreign currencies that together make up the pair. The relationship between these two currencies is extremely important in the outcome of the trading process. 

While we are going to focus on trading pairs, the main attention shall be given to the recommended trading pairs and currency pairs by the Mini XauBot, which is the lite version of the expert advisor XauBot. We will also see how you can use the recommended pairs by this expert advisor to accrue money and trading capital even when your starting capital was so little. 

The importance of currency pairs in the forex market 

Choosing which currency pair to trade is an extremely important decision 

It can easily define the outcome of the trading process 

We want to take a look at the recommended pairs of the Mini XauBot 

And we will see how you can accrue capital with the help of this expert advisor 


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The Mini XauBot: Packing a Powerful Punch in a Small Package! 

It wouldn’t really make sense to start talking about the recommended trading pairs of the Mini XauBot without talking about this expert advisor itself first. 

As the name suggests, the Mini XauBot is the compact version of the main product offered by the XauBot platform. As such it is a bit restrained with respect to the features that it offers compared to the complete version. But at the same time, the features that are offered are visionary enough that they can prove to be profitable in the forex market. 

But more important than that, the Mini XauBot targets a certain group of audiences in the world of trading and the financial world. The target audience for the Mini XauBot are those traders and investors who would like to begin entering the financial and trading world with a small balance and low account deposit. These can be anyone whose main job is not in finance, but they do have a little bit of money at their disposal after their expenses that they are thinking about entering into a financial market

And of course what financial market can be better than the forex market for this purpose. 

As a result, the Mini XauBot is compatible with account balances that range from 100 dollars to 400 dollars. To fully understand just how much the Mini XauBot is tailored to the needs of micro investors and traders, you can compare it with the Golden XauBot where the minimum account deposit to begin trading is set to be at $10,000. 

Clearly, the Mini XauBot is designed such that almost all kinds of traders can start using it with however much money that they have. 

So what can you actually do with only a couple of hundreds of dollars? Well, the answer might just be found within the recommended pairs by the Mini XauBot. 


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Recommended Pairs of the Mini XauBot 

While there are many special features that can be found in the Mini XauBot, including its minimum account deposit, which is the most important feature, there are other features that are just as salient. One of them are the recommended currency pairs with. The Mini XauBot is compatible with the following currency pairs: AUDNZD, AUDCAD, GBPNZD, NZDCAD. 

As was discussed in the intro, any trading pair in the forex market is made up of two foreign currencies. The first one is the base currency and the second one is the quote currency. The first currency is denominated by the second currency. 

By looking at the recommended currency pairs of the Mini XauBot, there are two points to be made. Aside from the obvious and well-known currencies that are part and parcel of many important currency pairs, i.e. the Pound Sterling (GBP) and the Canadian Dollar (CAD), there are two other rather unexpected choices, which are the Australian dollar and the New Zealand dollar. 

So why these two? You see, the power and strength of a currency pair is directly tied to the currencies that are involved in its making. In the case of the recommended currency pairs of the Mini XauBot, you can see that there are the currencies of Australia and New Zealand part and parcel of them. 

These countries, especially Australia, are among the most powerful economies in the world. In fact, the Australian economy is among the top 20 economies in the world with one of the largest GDPs among all developed countries. Additionally, these two countries, again with special emphasis on Australia, are among powerful exporters of commodities and natural resources in the world. 

All of these factors are important in the value and power of a currency. This is precisely why currencies such as the Australian dollar and also the New Zealand dollar are among the most powerful currencies in the world. And this is what makes these currencies ideal choices for trading in the forex market. 

Furthermore, these two currencies are the main ones in what makes up the Sydney session in the forex market operations around the globe. As you know, the forex market is a decentralized market made from numerous sessions which are basically markets around the world which are signified by their time zones. 

So as such we have the Tokyo session or the London session and such. And as we just said, a crucially important session is the Sydney session. 

The importance of this particular session is directly tied to the economy and importance of the Australian currency. 

With the help of the Mini XauBot you can reap the benefits of trading these currencies in the forex market through the process of automation. 


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In this article we took a special look at the compatible and recommended currency pairs of the Mini XauBot. The Mini XauBot itself is the expert advisor of the XauBot platform that has been especially released to be compatible with small account balances and so users can start trading with it in the forex market with account deposits that range between 100 dollars and 400 dollars.

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