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Verified Performance Exploring XAUBOT’s Live Trede MyFxBook and MQL5


When you want to purchase anything, if you are a smart buyer, then the first thing you do is that you would go look around for testimonials or user comments to see Live Trede and what they think about that product. This is because you do not solely rely on the claims made by the producer or developer and you want to see what the real experience of people has been with that service or product. 

Well the same is true when you want to purchase a smart, AI-based, automated trading tool such as XauBot Pro. Although the claims that are made by this platform are simply amazing even on paper, there are ways that you can verify and confirm such claims. This is what we are going to discuss in this article

 We want to discuss the performance of XauBot Pro on platforms such as MyFxBook and MQL5 that track the performance of trading strategies and automated trading solutions. 


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What Are MyFxBook and MQL5 to see Live Trede? 

Before we talk about the performance of XauBot Pro on platforms such as MyFxBook and MQL5, we must first see what these platforms are and what they do exactly. 

Both of these platforms and other similar platforms are the closest thing that we have to social networks in the world of trading. But they are not exactly like the conventional social networks that we use such as Facebook or X. They are social networks in the world of trading in the sense that users and traders can gather and get insight about the performance of different trading strategies and trading solutions. 

This also includes the performance of different automated trading tools and automated trading platforms such as XauBot Pro. So in this way, both of these platforms act as sort of an audit platform that are in charge of tracking and reporting on the performance of other platforms like XauBot Pro. 

The importance of such platforms is evidently clear. Without these platforms and without audit websites to track the performance of different services and products in the world of trading, we would simply be left with the claims that are made by the producers and developers. 

But luckily, with such platforms we can defer to their report and their analysis in order to approve or disapprove the claims that are made by other trading platforms and trading strategies. 

Of course in the case of XauBot Pro, as we will see in full and in detail in the next section, these audit websites have only worked in its favor to approve and confirm the claims that this platform has made about its capabilities and features. 

So without further ado, let’s go through the data by MyFxBook and MQL5 about XauBot Pro. 


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The Performance of XauBot Pro on MyFxBook and MQL5 

XauBot Pro is an intelligent automated trading tool that is compatible with all forex pairs. You can use this automated trading tool to have consistent and steady profits on a monthly basis with minimal and controlled risk. To confirm all these claims, we want to take a look at the data that has been registered from XauBot Pro on websites such as MyFxBook for the sake of the following analysis. 

Let’s look at 4 main reports taken from this audit website: 

  • MyFxBook multi-level and scalp: this report can give you a lot of valuable insight about the two main trading strategies that are offered by XauBot Pro, namely multi-level trading strategy and scalp trading strategy. We will go through some of the most important and salient numbers that are provided in this report. At the very first glance we can see that this tracked audit reports a gain of 12.5% with an absolute gain of over 8 percent. Another crucial and important piece of statistics is the win rate of this trading tool. You can see that XauBot Pro has been able to register a win rate of about 70%, which means about 70% of all the positions that have been opened with this smart, automated trading tool have resulted in a win rather than loss. Additionally, if you take a closer look at the win rate statistics, you can see that the win rate has been even higher for long positions compared to short positions. 
  • MyFxBook multi-level trading strategy: and in this report which is again taken from the reliable and valid source of MyFxBook you can see the report about the performance of XauBot Pro with respect to its multi-level trading strategy. As you know, multi-level trading is a very well-known and profitable strategy in which the size of each position is doubled in order to yield an inevitable profit that would cover all the losses that have been potentially sustained. So how does XauBot Pro perform with this trading strategy? Well, unsurprisingly, XauBot Pro has once again proved to perform exceptionally well with this trading strategy as well as the other trading strategy. The gain that has been registered for this trading strategy is about 12% with an absolute gain which is also around the same percentage. But what about the win rate of this strategy? Astonishingly, XauBot Pro has registered a win rate of more than 76 percent which just goes to show you what percentage of all the positions that have been opened with this trading strategy have resulted in a win. 

These were only two reports that have been taken from MyFxBook that showcase the power and performance of XauBot Pro with its different trading strategies. There are other ways with the help of which you can track and see the performance of this automated trading solution, such as the reports that are available on other websites like MQL5 and FXBlue. There are also other ways to gain insight into the performance of this trading tool like reading on the testimonials that real users have left for this tool on websites like TrustPilot. 


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In this article we discussed how users can track the performance of XauBot Pro and gain insight and valuable reports on how this trading tool performed under real market conditions. We saw that you can receive detailed reports on the performance of XauBot Pro on websites such as MyFxBook or read user testimonials and comments on other websites. 

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