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Is Automated Trading Safe? Everything You Need to Know

Auto Trading Safe

Trading isn’t an easy task. It involves numerous aspects and matters that ought to be taken care of in order for the trading process to be executed perfectly. While there are many ways we can define this process, there are two lenses through which it can be looked at. One has to do with manual trading and the other has to do with automatic or automated trading.

Manual or automated trading 

The former is clearly when a trader carries out the entire process of trading manually on their own. The latter, however, can be somewhat of a mystery. And for this reason many traders may not have a clear and the right idea about what really automatic trading entails. That is precisely why in this article we want to take a closer look at this type of trading and clear out any misunderstanding that you might have about it. In the end, we are also going to talk about XAUBOT and how we believe this expert advisor executed automatic trading in such a way that it only shows you the best sides of this form of trading in the forex market.


What Is Automated Trading in Forex?

What is autotrading?


There are different terms that are used to define and refer to this form of trading. Terms such as automated trading, automated trading, or algorithmic trading. Whatever the specific term might be, it seems that they all refer to a form of trading in which a kind of automation is in place. 

And indeed it is. In automated trading we have a software or algorithm that is in charge of carrying out part of all of the trading process such that it would not require a human or manual trading to do the same. 


What Are the Different Forms of Automated Trading?

We have many different forms of automated trading. There is certain software that only helps with an aspect of trading, such as market or price analysis. There are tools that only provide the buy or sell signal to the trader and it is the trader that will make the final decision. 

And yet there are those tools that take over the entire process. We have many such tools for the foreign exchange market. For instance, there are expert advisors such as XAUBOT expert advisors which can be installed on trading platforms like MetaTrader 4 and execute traders on their own. 


What Are Some Benefits of Automated Trading?

And there are many reasons why traders might want to opt for automatic trading. Clearly, the process of trading is very precise and detailed, such that even the smallest mistakes can be quite costly – literally! 

So when you use a software or algorithm, then you remove all the human errors that might occur otherwise. You also free up yourself from the task of trading itself and in this way trading becomes a truly passive source of income for you. 

We can also sum the benefits into the three items given below: 

High speed

Automated trading allows for much smoother operations and processes of trading compared to manual trading 

Emotion free

Automated trading does not include the negative and erroneous human judgments that we might make for many different reasons, such as when emotions take over .


In automated trading we can backtest the tool or algorithm to see how it would perform with past data and obtain a report even before using it 

While it all sounds too good to be true, there are those who have some misconceptions about automatic trading. In the next section we are going to address these concerns and worries. 


What Are Some of the Common Worried about Automated Trading?

Scam trading


While there are many different types of concerns and worries that are usually levied at automated trading, here we want to address the three most common concerns about automatic trading. 

Scams and fraudulent tools

When you leave your assets and capital with a third party such as a tool or software, then it is clear that one huge concern would be about scams or fraudulent tools that might steal your trading capital or simply lose that capital in the process of erroneous trading. 

Being unable to adapt to a changing market such as forex

Another serious concern is that an automatic approach is not able to show the necessary flexibility and adapt itself when the market changes. This can be a special concern of those traders who are active in the foreign exchange market, which can change at any moment. 

Taking over the trading process from the trader and not allowing traders make any decisions

This is one of the most common concerns that many traders have about automatic trading. They are concerned that when they opt for automatic trading, it will take away their freedom and choice as traders. Even though it is automatic trading, they still feel like they ought to be able to instill their own way of trading. 

Then there are possible issues with technical analysis. As the market is always changing, a proper automatic trading tool requires a team behind it to always keep it updated so that it will provide you with reliable and accurate price analysis 

Now that we have addressed these various sources of concerns about automatic trading, it is high time we addressed the right solution as well.


How Does XAUBOT Execute Automated Trading?

Of course automated trading can be as good as it sounds to be, provided that you make the right choice with regard to the tool that you choose for this purpose. 

XAUBOT offers expert advisors for the automated trading of currencies and gold trading in the forex market, such that little concern would remain if you choose to use the tools from this platform. 

XAUBOT employs state of the art, AI-based tools and methods to make sure that it delivers on its promises of steady profitability in the forex market. 

As far as the decisions of the traders are concerned, XAUBOT leaves more than enough space for traders to instill their own decisions in the process of automatic trading. 

It is users themselves who get to choose how XAUBOT executes trades in the forex market. As there are countless parameters that can be adjusted by the users themselves. 

There are of course also AI based technical analysis and fundamental analysis tools that can be found in expert advisors provided by XAUBOT. For instance, you can use parameters such as news filter to make sure that the negative impact of news releases is well under control. 

So with the expert advisors that are provided by the XAUBOT platform, you get to have all the positive aspects of automated trading. 



In this article we addressed the notion of automatic trading as a whole and more specifically we discussed the concerns and worries that users commonly have about this form of trading. We also presented you with a solution that can put your mind at ease with regard to these concerns, which were the expert advisors provided by the XAUBOT platform.

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