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Golden XAUBOT Medium-Risk Backtest Result

Medium risk backtest gold XAUBOT

Let’s talk about the concept of risk and gold trading in the forex market with Golden XAUBOT. Risk is something that you usually wouldn’t want to think about when you are dealing with gold in any financial market. In fact, investors and traders turn toward gold sometimes for the sole purpose of the safety and reliability that it can provide for them. So thinking about its risk levels is not something that is usually done. 

But that is precisely what we are going to do in this article. We are going to look at gold trading and the automated process of gold trading in the forex market and the risks that are associated with it. In particular we want to see how much risk ought to be tolerated in this regard and how the expert advisor offered by the automated trading solution platform XAUBOT and its product can manage such risks. 

Moreover, we want to take a look at some performance reports associated with the Golden XAUBOT product, which is the expert advisor specifically designed and fine tuned for trading gold trading pairs in the forex market. 

Gold trading strategy

Looking at the Golden XAUBOT and Its Risk Management 

The Golden offers various products that can help traders facilitate the automation process of trading in the foreign exchange market with different features and capabilities. The Golden XAUBOT, as it is obvious from the name, is specialized for trading gold in this market. 

As we discussed briefly in the intro, the precious metal gold is normally taken to be a strong and sturdy asset that can be used as a hedge against inflation and otherwise different financial threats that might possibly jeopardize your assets. For this reason, i.e. because of the very nature of gold itself, an expert advisor that is specialized for trading gold ought to be safe and secure enough to deliver on the promise of financial safety and security. 

As a result, the Golden XAUBOT is fully equipped with features and parameters that correlate to the utmost safety levels that are required for gold trading in the foreign exchange market. 

These safety and risk management parameters include drawdown management features and also stop loss orders that can be set at various time intervals such as daily and even hourly stop loss. 

But there are of course other features that are integrated into the Golden such as the expected monthly profit that it can provide for users through its approaches to trading gold in the forex market. 

To start trading with the Golden XAUBOT, your account deposit needs to be a minimum of $10,000 which is a requirement specifically for the Golden XAUBOT expert advisor

You can purchase this expert advisor in the form of its lifetime subscription for only $299 and begin trading the pair XAU/USD in the foreign exchange market and enjoy the benefits of gold trading. 

Golden XAUBOT requirements

The Medium Risk Backtesting Results 

In the last section we took a look at the expert advisor the Golden and some of its features and parameters that make it into such an ideal choice as a gold trading solution. 

But as we said at the beginning, the focus of this article is going to be the concept of risk that is associated with gold trading. We said that gold is regarded as a standard for safe and secure choice of investment among almost all market analysis and even highly affluent investors. But even though an asset is proven to be safe, it doesn’t mean that trading that asset will also necessarily be safe. But there are options that can make sure of the safety of the trading process. As a prime example of the safest choice for trading gold in the forex market we discussed the Golden XAUBOT. 

Of course the Golden is not merely a trading tool for gold trading in forex. It is a tool for the automation of the trading process. Therefore, with the Golden not only do you get a way to intelligently trade gold in forex, you will also have a chance to fully automate this process of trading. 

Now the question we want to pose at this point is regarding the safety of this automated trading tool. Is it able to manage drawdown in gold trading? What level of risk is required for a high profitability rate? Is the Golden XAUBOT able to deliver on the promises of its functionality and performance? 

To answer all of these questions, we want to analyze the report from a backtesting of this expert advisor that was implemented over a two-year period. 

As you know in the process of backtesting, a trading strategy or trading tool is exposed to market data to see how it performs against the price movements that have been registered in that period. 

The time period for this backtest is from 2022 to 2024 and the initial fund for the test has been $10,000. Over the course of the time period for backtesting, it has been proven that a profit of nearly $6,000 was accrued. To be more precise, the profit that was obtained through this process was $5,920. 

It is also worth mentioning that this particular backtest was done at a medium level risk threshold. 

What is astounding about this report is that out of all the positions, both long and short, that have been opened, around 70% of them have resulted in a win and only around 30% of them have ended in loss. 

This is truly an amazing win rate for the Golden. This is yet another testament to the high performance of this expert advisor. 

Backtest result gold XAUBOT


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Whenever you want to trust your assets with a trading strategy or a trading tool, it is imperative that you make sure of the performance of that strategy or that tool. Similarly, with the Golden XAUBOT, you must make sure that the high performance that it purports to have is confirmed. We discussed one of the methods in which this has been achieved. And it was a medium-risk backtest which showed the performance of this expert advisor over a period of two years.

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