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XAUBOT AI PRO Your Trusted Expert Advisor for Multi-Currency Trading 


When you want to pick an automated trading tool, what feature is the most important for you? The trading strategy? Drawdown? Profit levels? Or perhaps its compatibility with forex symbols? We are going to focus on the latter – the trading symbols

Trading symbols are the financial instruments that can be traded in the forex market. And in this article we want to specifically focus on them and see how many of them you can trade with XauBot Pro. We will also talk about the importance of being able to multiple currency pairs. 


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How many forex pairs can XauBot Pro trade? 

XauBot Pro has so many features that set it apart from other expert advisors and automated trading tools. For instance it draws heavily on artificial intelligence and machine learning in its process of automated trading. This is a huge advantage for XauBot Pro AI automated trading tools. But there is another feature that is truly unique and extremely important – the number of currency pairs. 

You see when you want to pick a trading tool or EA you need to check the number of trading pairs in the forex market with which the EA is compatible – in other words the number of forex symbols that it can trade. 

As such this is one of the areas that almost all automated trading options that are available for traders have serious limitations. For instance if you take a look at the available options for automated trading you can see that they are only compatible with a select few or a certain number of forex pairs. 

This is a really important factor, because if you are limited in your choice of Forex currency pairs to be traded, then you will also have limitations in your choice of trading strategy and specific trading approaches that might work best with certain pairs and not so well with others. 

Luckily, the fortunate users of XauBot Pro will never have to think about such limitations at all. This is because XauBot Pro is completely limitless in its compatibility with forex pairs. 

It means XauBot Pro is compatible with every single one of forex trading pairs. That’s right, XauBot Pro is able to trade ALL currencies in the foreign exchange market. 

This is a huge advantage to users as it gives them absolute freedom in choosing which currencies they want to be automatically traded with the intelligent expert advisor XauBot Pro. 

But there is more. Not only is XauBot Pro compatible with ALL forex pairs, it is also able to trade 5 pairs simultaneously. This is where the idea of multi-currency trading is involved. 

With a multi-currency trading approach, you are able to trade, as the name suggests, more than one currency at the same time. In this way you are able to benefit from all the pairs that are profitable for trading at any given time without having to miss any opportunities. 

There are different features that are developed for the purpose of multi-currency trading in XauBot Pro, but first we will discuss the advantage and importance of trading multiple currencies at the same time. 


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Why is it important to trade multiple currencies in Forex? 

Shortly we will focus on the features of XauBot Pro that are developed for multi-currency trading, but let’s discuss the importance of this feature very quickly. 

You need to consider just how high the level of importance and significance of this feature of XauBot Pro really is. You must take this fact into account that with other automated trading tools or expert advisors you are bound by the limitations of the tools. But with XauBot Pro there are no limitations. 

You can choose the EA to trade any trading pair in the forex market that you want. This means you can also switch between them and pick the most profitable pairs at that time. 

But you can also experience multiple automated trading processes that can take place simultaneously with this smart and intelligent trading tool. So if more than one or two pairs are profitable at one time, you do not have to choose from them and you can trade all with XauBot Pro up to 5 pairs at the same time. 


XauBot features that are specifically designed for multi-currency trading 

The most important features of XauBot Pro that pertain to the domain of trading multiple currency pairs with XauBot Pro are its unlimited compatibility and also its ability to trade multiple pairs at the same time. 

So for instance, if you have set this expert advisor to trade with scalping strategy, then you can choose whichever pairs that are most profitable for this strategy at that time and also if there are more than a number of pairs that are most profitable for trading, then you can pick more than one of them. 

You are also able to switch between them and have XauBot Pro trade 5 different pairs. Not only that, you can set the number of trades that XauBot Pro is able to execute simultaneously. For instance, you can set the number of multiple trades at the same time to any number such as 8. If for example it is set to 8 then it means XauBot Pro is able to trade 8 positions at the same time. 


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The number of pairs that an expert advisor can trade is a seriously important factor when it comes to automated trading. The smart expert advisor of XauBot Pro which has been developed based on artificial intelligence is compatible with all trading pairs in the forex market and it is also able to trade 5 pairs simultaneously in a feature known as multi-currency trading. 

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