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6 Powerful Forex Trading Tool

As you know the XAUBOT Pro is the fullest version of the expert advisors that are provided by the automated trading platform XAUBOT. The reason it is their fullest package is that it has all the tools that this platform has to offer. While you can purchase these features separately, the XAUBOT Pro gives you this chance to have access to all of these tools in one package with only $1199, which is by the way a lifetime subscription plan and account type. So read along as we delve into all of the tools that are provided by the XAUBOT Pro. 


XAUBOT Pro: Packing the Strongest Punch All in One Package!

As we discussed in the intro, the XAUBOT Pro comes equipped with various tools that can be purchased separately. But with this expert advisor you get all of these tools in one package. This is why we believe that XAUBOT Pro packs the most powerful punch for the forex market! 

In the following sections we are going to go through each one of these tools separately and discuss them one by one.

One of these six powerful tools has to do with the trading approach that is implemented by XAUBOT Pro. In fact, there are two main trading approaches as we will discuss the other in the next section. But here we want to discuss scalp trading. With the help of scalp trading, as you know, the Pro is able to capitalize on even the smallest price changes that occur in the market and be able to bring you profitability even when changes in the market are so small. This is of course provided that the spread offered to you by the broker is reasonable and does not damage the profit margins that you get with scalp trading. There are also countless options for you to define for Pro how to execute scalp trading, including max slippage allowed, various stop losses, and also take profit order. 


Multi Level Trading

The second leg of the main trading approaches implemented by the Pro is the multi level trading approach. Unlike scalp trading strategy, the multi level trading approach is more suitable for funded accounts. This of course includes the matter of prop trading and prop firms that want to use this expert advisor. As you know in multi level trading the size of each position is doubled after the previous one, thus ensuring that when the position eventually ends in profit, it will more than cover all the possible previous losses. So it has a much higher level of safety and assurance of eventual effectiveness. But it ordinarily requires a considerable trading deposit to be able to open new positions. 


AI Technical Analysis

Next on the list we have the technical analysis aspect of the Pro. Just like all the other aspects that we are going to discuss in the following section, this tool is also intelligent and based on artificial intelligence to offer the best results of analysis to users. This tool of course includes various technical indicators including momentum indicators and also APEX indicators. In this way, users will be able to get the most reliable and precise price movement analysis with Pro. 


AI Money Management

Another major tool that comes with the XAUBOT Pro is the money management aspect of this trading tool. With the help of the money management feature you can modify your orders, set alarms, even set trading stop losses and take profit orders to manage your positions in the most effective way possible. In this way, this feature will provide you with a way to directly and most efficiently “manage” your money in the forex market. 


AI Fundamental Analysis

What goes hand in hand with technical analysis is of course fundamental analysis, and that is the point of our discussion in this section. XAUBOT Pro has various tools related to fundamental analysis. These include parameters to stop trading before and after the release of medium and high impact news in the forex market. There are also display lines that let you keep a track of news right on your trading chart in the form of news lines, which can also be adjusted in terms of color and size. This way you can always keep track of fundamental impacts and utilize them in your trading process. 


AI Telegram Bot

Last but not least there is the AI Telegram bot feature. With the help of this feature you will be able to utilize the Telegram bot of XAUBOT Pro and receive important alerts and notifications directly in your own personal Telegram account. These alerts and notifications include important information regarding price changes for the currency pairs that you choose and also information about important changes in the limits and thresholds that you have defined for technical indicators. Most importantly, with this future of the XAUBOT Pro you can receive timely signals for buy and sell in your Telegram account so that you will never miss the opportunities that present themselves in the market. 



In this article we took a closer look at the capabilities of the XAUBOT Pro, the ultimate expert advisor provided by the automated trading platform. This expert advisor has 6 powerful trading tools all packed into one, which as we discussed were as follows: scalp trading method, multi level trading approach, AI technical analysis tools, AI money management tools, AI fundamental analysis tools, and also AI Telegram bot. 

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